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Black team etc

I was really fired up by the end of tonights episode, I love the competition between the personal trainers, Shannon and Michelle looked to be choking back tears initially.

It looks like Bob and Gillian are using olympic style lifts (cleans etc) as well as plyometrics like box jumps. This type of training has taken the U.S by storm, it's been used by combat atheletes, gymnasts and the military and police since forever to get people strong and fit fast. They've called it "Cross fit" training and it's only a matter of time before it explodes in Aus.

It involves few weights, and mainly explosive olympic lifts coupled with explosive body weight exercises like chins, push ups, dips, jump squats etc.
Basically it is the most intense and fastest way to get fit.

It's awesome for metabolism, health and building functional muscle using endurance and strength not just bodybuilding principles. Its downside is that it doesn't promote bodybuilding results for the gym junkies, but for atheletes and the average gym user just wanting health and fit bodies it is without peer.

Another downside is the potential for injury with people training without trainers.

Check it out :

Heaps of vids on Youtube as well.
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