cytribe9a (cytribe9a) wrote in au_biggestloser,

The game heats up

Well tonights episode had me very motivated, I actually ran to the shed afterwards and did a home workout.

Not to say I don't normally work out, it's just that Biggest Loser hasn't been too inspirational recently, what with that insufferable mysogonistic boofhead JJ taking up so much of my tv screen with his smug punchable head.
I swear he even talked about himself in third person tonight on the walk "JJ was feeling a bit nervous today" wtf? this guy is going to go seriously postal when he gets out. Has anyone else noticed the insane introverted smiling his eyes have taken on?
I won't be suprised if he doesn't start offering everyone "rainwater from the top end" soon.

Two things that motivated me this week = Michael playing rugby with his brothers, I actually started crying watching that at the end. As much as I give the contestants hassle for crying so often, it was actually tears of joy for his realising of his dream.
The other was watching Shannon workout. Unfortunately he didn't do any sparring, I was waiting with baited breath but it wasn't to be. Still it was such a change to see someone who knew what they were doing with gloves on, unlike supposed "highly decorated martial artists" like Gillian who look silly to the trained eye throwing kicks etc. I get the feeling Michelle could throw a good punch/kick as well.

I'm actually feeling closer to the black team these days, not just because I feel sorry for them having to put up with JJ, just their level headedness. I'm hoping Bryce pulls big numbers, he sticks up for the girls and doesn't seem to be a loudmouth boofhead like Cosi and JJ when they get together.
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