cytribe9a (cytribe9a) wrote in au_biggestloser,

The biggest personal trainer factory

Isn't it funny how many of the biggest loser contestants went on to become personal trainers?. And call me cynical but I wasn't impressed with most of the old contestants. If they had stuck to such a healthy lifestyle they wouldn't look as overweight as they do now. Sure they look great compared to their starting weight, but most of them would still be seen in the eyes of the general public as overweight. I personally wouldn't be personally trained by an overweight looking person if I'd never seen them on the show. It's kind of like selling muscle building products if you're Bill Gates.

Adro looked fantastic, and I totally think he is totally the part for his profession. Pati also looked great.

As a personal trainer however it pisses me off a little to see these people milking their B-grade celebrity status to make some money endorsing a lifestyle they themselves obviously aren't %100 committed to. Kristie in particular annoys me, setting up her on franchise etc, she was on tv doing ads after the show so quickly. Sure she has a hundred children or whatever, but you are the advertisement for your product/company. If women want to have her body then I dare say most overweight women need not join her gym as they look pretty much the same as her already.
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