...I don't even know (sharks_teeth) wrote in au_biggestloser,
...I don't even know

Sparks fly for The Biggest Loser couple
MAYBE that flab-fighting reality-TV series should change its name to The Biggest Lover.

After losing more than 100kg between them, The Biggest Loser contestants Carrianne and Garry have meantime gained a love match.

Snapped at Sydney airport this week before Carrianne jetted back to Adelaide, the couple are embarking on a long-distance relationship after hooking up at the program finale last week.

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Awww, that's so sweet :D

I always liked Carianne.
I never would have picked those two!
No way? *eek* lol that's awesome, I never thought they would
Yeah I heard about that on the radio, and that Michael and KIRSTEN were pashing at the after party ('pashing' being Cosi's exact word! LOL)

I thought that Garry and Nicole were pretty close, but i always liked Carrieanne better