Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth (glitterypink) wrote in au_biggestloser,
Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

I saw Cameron & Sammy yesterday! They are both really nice, Cam especially. He is so chatty and really sweet.

They are looking FANTASTIC!!

Sammy said she only has 17kgs to go, then she's at her goal weight.
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wow. are you friends with them? or just saw them around?


March 31 2009, 07:39:24 UTC 9 years ago

Nah, not mates with them!

I went to Bob Jane to get my tyre repaired, and it turns out Cameron owns the one down the road from me. Let me tell you now, he really stops being a whinger and starts working, he's so thin now, Sammy too. I thought she was pretty when she was bigger, she's even prettier now!

They got home last Thursday!
wow. =D thanks.
that's awesome :)
Ooh wow, awesome! :D